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The Process

First time building, what to expect & the process.



Your building journey always begins with a vision. Ensure you gather as much information as possible so that your Builder & Architect can both understand what you’re willing to achieve. Think about everything, materials you would like to use, finishing colours & style find your inspiration whether it’s on the internet or a specific place that brings you happiness.



Once we understand your vision, our dream team made up of Designers, Engineers & Construction Managers, collaborate to turn your dreams into actual working drawing. You are then presented with a structurally exceptional and aesthetic design to exceed your expectations.



Once you are satisfied with the design the next step is to apply for a planning permit. Planning permits are required for a new home, extension, renovation or an additional dwelling on the land. Your local council is responsible for issuing a planning permit.



Always do the following things when selecting a builder. Check whether the builder has been found to have engaged in misconduct work. Confirm Builders registration & ensure they will issue compliance certificates where required. Obtain at least 3 quotes & understand what each quote covers (the cheapest may not include some items). Check for references & inspect work they have completed. Ask to see a certificate of currency for public liability insurance. Check to ensure Builder is eligible for domestic building insurance through ‘VMIA Builder search’.



We begin to prepare all documentation required for a building permit application. We will present a draft contract, all working & engineering drawings, Site specifications & our final quotation proposal. After you have approved documentation, we will present you with a building contract ready for signing from Master builders Association.



Site Preparation & Base stage.
Frame stage.
Lockup Stage.
Fixing stage.
Final Stage/Handover.

Think before you jump

Before you jump into building your dream ensure the parcel of land is adequate these are a few tips you should consider & look out for when purchasing land.

Before you jump into building your dream ensure the parcel of land is adequate these are a few tips you should consider & look out for when purchasing land.

  • What is the block size? 
  • Are any of the neighbours on boundary? 
  • Do you have a view? 
  • Is the block North facing? 
  • Is the water & power connected on the block? 
  • Is the block sloping or flat? 
  • Are there any trees surrounding or on the block? 
  • If so, what are they?

All these points should be taken into consideration when selecting your block, as it can play a huge part on your property and impact the budget & design if not considered. 

If your block satisfies most of the above, its then time to do your research. Speaking with your council is the next step, ask about zoning requirements, utility connections & the need for a permit, certain zoning requirements can affect setbacks from your street & how high you can build your house. 

Depending on the historic location of your block you may also be restricted to the colours, facades & construction materials that you could use in that area.

Our Tip

Be organised and understand exactly what you want. 

We find that creating a list & brainstorming really helps.

For example, setup 3 different columns; “non-negotiable must have, nice to have, definitely do not have”. The more detailed information you provide your builder & designer the easier it becomes for them to interpret and create your vision.

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